5 Things to keep in mind when getting your website done

Whether you are starting a new business or getting digital with your existing one, the first step would be is to get a website done so that people can find you easily.

If you are not a technical guy and know nothing about website, hosting, domain then the below 5 points are very important for you.

So the 5 Things to keep in mind when getting your website done are

  1. When choosing a domain name choose the one that is easy to spell. Do not choose a complex just because you need a .com ( yes most of the obvious and straightforward .com domains are sold !!! ). You can choose a .in if your business and website is confined for India or any specific city / state in India
  2. Once the domain name is selected you would need a hosting space ( space where your website is stored / files are stored ). You have plenty of options when choosing a hosting, few of the most famous and reliable ones like Godaddy, Hostgator, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service etc. There are many shared hosting spaces from local vendors which starts from even 200 per year. ( cubehost, 000webhost etc )
  3. Next step would be to get a decent branding done. Branding for website mainly include deciding on the logo (if you already have one you can get started with that ). The colors to be used on the site is usually derived from the logo itself.
  4. Once the colors and logo are decided you can get a website done by a freelance developer ( many of them are available online, you can get in touch with them by posting on various facebook groups ) or you can build one yourself using WIX,Weebly etc ( Most of them would ask for a pro account to publish them on your server though ).
  5. Once the website done, the next step is to implement a basic SEO on your website. Getting SEO done helps in website ranking and getting your website address returned when someone searches in google for a similar service. Basic SEO includes what kind of headings to use, what captions to use, keywords to be used etc.

Few other things to keep in mind :

  1. Make sure your website is mobile responsive ( should render elegantly on mobile devices as 70% of the traffic to most of the websites is through mobile users )
  2. If you are using stock images or templates to build a website please make sure to provide the backlink to the source / donor website

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